Too Much Morality In My Video Games #1: Dragon Age Series

Yes, it’s time for some more ravings about the emotional turmoil that is my gaming life. And yes, once more, I freely admit that I invest way too much (emotionally) in the well being of fictional characters.

And I’m not one bit sorry! ♥

I think it all started with whether to sacrifice Conner or Isolde in Dragon Age:Origins? This was probably the first time I had played something that gave me a dilemma like this. Sonic never made me make these decisions! I didn’t know what to do! I wanted to sacrifice Jowan for causing this problem! But that didn’t seem to be an option.

I mean, I’m sure Morrigan could have performed a bit of blood magic…

(I didn’t realise upon my first play-through that I could save them both, I was a bit distraught over the choice and clearly didn’t pay attention the first time round.)

Or whether to choose the elves or the werewolves during the Nature of the Beast quest. I mean, Zathrian was wrong to continue to curse any human who crossed his path, right?

Other choices were much easier, Loghain, you were always going down!

And others were just painful for my character ( and me) The whole Morrigan situation, Solona and Alistair are both wardens, and therefore never likely to conceive a child together, but that’s exactly what Morrigan offers. Let her conceive a child with Alistair and everyone will live happily ever after. I mean, whats a warden to do? Sacrifice herself or her lover rather than let her BFF shag her lover in one night of meaningless of sex… I considered it, I wont lie. Poor Solona.


DA:2 the choices were not quite so tough for me.

Sorry Merril, your cute and adorable and I know Varric wants to wrap you in cotton wool, but I’m not going to slaughter a whole clan of Dalish so you can dabble with blood magic. Nope, nope, nope, not doing it.

Fenris, you want to kill the man who enslaved you? Sure, go right ahead.

Isabella, you double cross me and steal the Qunari tome, leaving me to clean up your mess…tell me again why I didn’t just hand you over?

Fenris dumps Hawke and expects her to wait three years… So Anders… Remember when we first met and Hawke flirted with you?

Carver, you shit, I leave you behind to take of your mother and you run off to join the Templars. The very people hunting mages, like your sister! No, you cannot come with me! Go away!

Anders? Oh love of my life, you just blew up the Chantry and incited a war? Or course I will help you my darling, we can be renegade extremist together. What shall we blow up next! Sure Sebastion, throw a hissy fit, I’m still not killing Anders.

But then there was inquisition… HOW DARE YOU BIOWARE! I cannot believe you would make people choose between Alistair and Hawke! Lets just say, Alistair will never, never, NEVER be staying with the wardens! Sorry Stroud, but there’s no way Hawke put it all on the line and became a fugitive with Anders just to die in the fade a handful of years later. For all I know she and Anders are living a peaceful life, she might have kids Stroud! Kids!

That’s my head-cannon, shush.

I was in so much shock when this decision came up! I can’t bear to part with either of them! So Stroud, all you buddy, soz.

I mean, choosing between the Templars and Mages is easy.


I will admit, with my chosen origin of Dalish mage, I didn’t find too many of the decisions too difficult, this game just broke my heart. (Solavellan shipper, more on that HERE).

Mages, check!

Walk the Pilgrams Path, check! Ally with Abela’s, check! (Love that guy! I want him for a companion!)

Drink form the Well of Sorrows, check! (Back off Morrigan, I gave you Alistair, you will not take this from me too!)

Get your heart ripped out by an ancient elven god, check! Wait! What! (Damn you Solas)

Trespasser DLC, no problem at all to disband the Inquisition and chase Solas down, TO SAVE HIM, not to kill him. My poor little one armed Quizzie still loves that crazy egg.

So, yeah, I think I’ll end the rant there.

Next time, it’s all about Mass Effect… Ugg… Why do I play these games again?…






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