Your An Adult? Isn’t It Time To Grow Up?… Nope!

Back in April, I attended the Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Convention, a couple weeks ago it was OzComicon, which I was unable to attend due to work commitments.

I was quite devastated about not being able to go. John Barrowman, (aka Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who & Torchwood) was going to be there and I’m a massive fan. I quite literally had tears in my eyes when I realised it conflicted with Winery Walkabout (a massive wine festival/weekend in my town).

*wipes at the tears forming*

Anyway, I was expressing my disappointment with a friend recently, since even my sister could not go due to Uni exams, (She was going to get autographs for me) when my friend says “I can’t believe your still into this stuff, shouldn’t you have outgrown it by now?”

Ummm….Noooo, I don’t see why… I never understand when people say things like this. Like I will one day just wake up and stop loving the things I do. It doesn’t make sense to be perfectly honest.

Why should I have grown out of the things that I enjoy? Just because I’m an adult? Trust me, there are people much older than I going to these things and I think it’s awesome! Believe me, if I could sew at all, I’d totally be cos playing!

I love going and meeting the actors from my fandom’s. At Supanova this year I got to meet Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto from Torchwood, Solas from Dragon Age) and just gushed over how much of a sweetie he was.


I also met Jack Gleeson (aka Joffery from Game Of Thrones). Over the last few years I met Jewel Staite (aka Kaylee of Firefly), Sean Maher (Simon Tam of Firefly) and James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy).

Attended Whoniverse convention where I met Matt Smith (aka The 11th Doctor). I also took a trip to Sydney with a couple of other friends to attended another Doctor Who convention where Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat attended! (Autographs were all sold out! *cries*)

I have a serious Pop Vinal collection happening, I regularly binge watch all my favorite TV shows (Doctor Who, Supernatural, Buffy just to name a few), I have a subscription to Nerd Block and worship the ground  Joss Whedon walks upon.


I like anime, (currently binge watching InuYasha) have recently started reading Deadpool comics, watch any movie that is in the Marvel-verse and spend hours upon hours of my time playing video games.

Later this year, I’m hoping to convince my boss to give me a Sunday off so I can attend the AMC convention where Alona Tal (Jo from supernatural) and Gideon Emery (Fenris from Dragon Age) will be.

Sooooo…. Yeah… I’m not growing up anytime soon.


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