Is The Days Of The ‘Damsel in Distress’ Really Over?

In the day and age of bad-ass ladies such as River Song, Daenerys Targaryen, Katniss Everdeen, Rey, Buffy Summers, River Tam, Zoe Washburn… OK, so… pretty much all the Whedonverse ladies, because lets face it, Joss Whedon is king and I would worship him every day of the week…sometimes I do.

Umm… Hello, it’s also the day and age of Netflix!

As I was saying, in this day and age, is the day of the ‘Damsel in Distress’ over? I really, really hope not. I really do love the part where the dashing hero swoops in and saves the day. It was the favorite part of my childhood. And oh, so romantic.

Prince Phillip slaying the dragon and rescuing Princess Aurora. Prince Charming defeating the Evil Queen and waking Snow White with true love’s first kiss. Atreyu crossing the lands of Fantasia to save the princess in her ivory tower. And or course Wesley (The Dread Pirate Roberts) sweeping in to rescue Princess Buttercup.


I mean, who doesn’t swoon over dear Wesley?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a kick-ass leading lady

Have you met Joss Whedon, Steven Moffat, J.K Rowling and George R.R Martin… Heaven help us if these people ever hang out… They have created some of my favorites!

All the Whedonverse ladies, River Song, Hermione Granger, Professor McGonnagal (yes you heard me, Professor Minerva McGonnagal), Daenerys Targaryen, any modern day Disney Princess… Mulan being my absolute favorite kick-ass princess!


I don’t think we should write off the ‘Damsel’ just yet. She still has her place. It’s old school heroic’s and romance in my book, which is something I just cannot get enough of.

I’m not saying the lady in question should be a weakling who cannot lift a finger to save herself and cowers in the corner, no, that is not what i’m saying at all. The ‘Damsel’ should still have a backbone and enough wit to ward of the villain until the hero’s perfectly timed entrance.

Consider this, what would all those hero’s do if all their ladies just rescued themselves all the time? I picture Superman drowning his sorrows and clinking glasses with an out of work Spider-man because Lois Lane and Mary-Jane just don’t need rescuing anymore.

Is that what you want!

(Yes i’m aware they did other things too, ;P) 

Ha ha, but seriously.

While there are a tonne of amazing kick-ass leading ladies out there, I do still, very strongly believe that the ‘Damsel’ still has her place in this modern world.

What do you think?







2 thoughts on “Is The Days Of The ‘Damsel in Distress’ Really Over?

  1. DMGbyrnes says:

    The more hopeless romantic side of me understands what you mean about and enjoys the archetypal and most easily recognizable version of a “damsel in distress.” At the same time, the feminist side of me screams to kill the push for damsels in distress that need to be rescued by a male figure. If more damsels ended up rescuing themselves, or other damsels, I wouldn’t mind. Also, why not some more “damsels” that need rescuing that are male? I’d be curious about a few more of those. (I’m also a huge lover of the kick-ass ladies, as you’ve said, many of my favorites can be found in the Whedonite universe.)

    I guess I’d be on the fence and am okay with each being used to suit the story and the character. That being said, I couldn’t really say I desire to see a lot more of the damsel in distress being saved by a male hero.

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