Web Comic Review – DANIEL: A Vampiric Tale Of Horror


Author: Sarah Nelson

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

My Rating: 5/5

DANIEL, is an ongoing web comic series by talented artist, Sarah Nelson. I stumbled across this wonderful series late one night while browsing Tumblr. I was researching some vampire lore (no, really, I was) when I came upon DANIEL in my search.

Set in the 1930s, DANIEL, follows the story of mild mannered, every-man Daniel Groth. A young man, forced to dig graves to pay the bills and who is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Christine. One night, Daniel disappears, only to return a changed man.

A Vampire.

The thing that initially drew me to Daniel’s story was the simple fact that he is a true vampire, with all the blood and gore that comes with it. Something I think modern vampire tales have been lacking in the last few years. Sarah has definitely succeeded in putting the vampiric ‘monster’ back in his place.

Where he belongs!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m relatively new to comics and spent many of my younger years wondering what all the fuss was about. Now I know! The mystery! The suspense! There were moments I was literally holding my breath as I anxiously clicked the next page.

Without giving anything away, there were literally a series of pages that had me so very, very stressed out. It was a long week waiting for the next page, I will tell you!

So, did the story grip me? Keep me turning the pages?

Absolutely it did!

I am now all caught up, and now must face the agonizing wait for new pages. Which, admittedly, isn’t all that long in reality. There is usually a new page each week. People wait that long for their favorite weekly TV series…right?

Oh, and, of course, I cannot finish up without mentioning the amazing artwork that goes with DANIEL. Sarah is truly a talented artist. Some of the art is just so beautiful, and others make you cringe and squirm in your seat, in a good way. There is one particular scene that had me wanting to turn away, but…I…just…couldn’t.

Daniel truly is a monster, and it’s fantastic! And I just adore Christine, as I’m sure you will too. She know’s it’s OK to scream if your scared, something I think a lot of books/films have forgotten. But trust me, she’s no wilting flower either.

So, if your a fan of horror, vampires, comics or all of the above, I would highly recommend checking out DANIEL for yourself.

Read DANIEL for yourself HERE!

You can follow Sarah on Tumblr & Twitter or support her brilliant work on Patreon.


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