The Daring Adventure’s Of Adric Drysten #2: Of Prisons & Princesses (Part 2)

Read part #1 of Adric’s story HERE first.

Writing Prompt – “No one smiled like that at an assasin” – Hadley Prescott

“No one should smile like that at an assassin.” Adric took a step backward as she advanced on him, his back coming up against the cold stone wall.

“I do.” Korina’s soft lips pressed against his and his body trembled at her first tentative touch. Her cool fingers brushed against his cheeks as his own hands flattened against the wall. Stolen glances and hidden smiles were one thing, for this he would surely find himself upon the executioner’s block, prison if he was lucky.

He ached to touch her, yet he dared not.

“You can hold me Adric, tis alright,” she whispered against his lips, reaching to place his hands on her narrow waist. His heart raced and his pulse quickened as she kissed him again, her tongue dancing across his lips, the sweet scent of lavender was intoxicating.

She drew back, brushing a strand of silken black hair behind her ear, gazing up at him.

“Have you never kissed anyone before Adric?” He averted his eyes from her tender gaze and dropped his hands from her waist. Had he been that terrible?

“There were no girls at the academy princess.”

“Adric, I think tis alright for you to call me Korina now.” She leaned close, her warm breath in his ear. “We did just kiss.” She smiled.

“No girls? What about boys?” Adric shook his head. Though it was not uncommon for the young men of the academy to seek pleasures with each other, he had been entirely too dedicated to his training. He had been their most promising recruit, fetching the highest price for the masters.

“I’m glad,” She cupped his face between her palms and pressed one last soft kiss to his cheek before she turned from him.

“Why?” Amethyst eyes gazed back at him. “Why are you glad?”

“Because it means I was your first… and you were mine.”


“Wake up mutt!” The jailor kicked him hard in the ribs, jolting him violently from his dream. “You have company.” Adric blinked into sliver of light shining through the open door, as an unconscious body was tossed unceremoniously into his cell. The door slammed shut moments later, the light bouncing off the amethyst stud in the mans ear.


Adric shuffled his feet, the small trinket burning a hole in his pocket, staring intently at her door. It was not getting any easier to see her dance and laugh with other, much more suitable young men.

He had watched for over a year as suitors fawned over her, practically bowing and scraping for the princesses favour. He also watched as they brushed too closely and whispered gods knows what into ears. Their hands lingering on her waist, and hips, brushing across her bare shoulders. Their eyes hardly concealed their lust and she could do little more than wave them off with a laugh and gently pry their hands from her person. All while he could do nothing more than watch on. He could never truly be anything to her.

Tonight was her eighteenth birthday, and it was only a matter of time before she was pushed into marriage. Even though she professed to love him, Adric was no fool, he knew their chaste little romance could go nowhere. She would marry and be sent away to where he could not follow and the thought made him sick to his stomach.

He took a deep breath, and tapped on her door, careful to watch the halls.

She opened the door, all smiles, and ebony hair loose about her shoulders, the dark kohl about her eyes smudged in her attempt to clean it off.


“I wanted to give you your birthday gift. I couldn’t find a moment with you sooner.” Adric pressed the tiny wooden box into her palm. He didn’t earn wages, he was somebody’s property after all, but he did get a half day once a week, in which he ran errands for old lady Margot, and taught the bakers sons to fight, earning himself a few silvers.

“I know you cannot wear it, but I wanted you to have it anyway.” She opened the box and her eyes lit up as she picked up the small silver ring, set with a tiny amethyst. His heart soared when she slipped it onto her slender fingers.

“You like it then?”

“Oh, Adric.” She leaned up, planting a kiss on his cheek. She drew back, eyes wide, her lip trembled. “You don’t like it?”

She took a deep breath, and stepped back into her room. He turned to move back to his post. “No, Adric… I love it.” He swallowed hard as she reached for him with trembling hands.

“I just had something else in mind you can give me for my birthday.” He drew his brow together in confusion as she chewed her lip. “You love me don’t you Adric?”

“Of course I do.” She grinned and he was lost.

Before he could protest she pulled him inside, toward her bed. Korina pushed him down onto the plush bed and straddled his thighs, stripping him of his tunic. Then it was all eager lips and desperate hands.


A grin split his lips when he thought of that first awkward night. He had learned quickly after that, he had been barely nineteen himself at the time. After, there had been nights her nails had dug so deep into his back she drew blood and his hand firmly closed over her mouth to silence her moans.

Adric tried not to let his memories be tainted by bitterness, but as always, the resentment crept back in. He was a fool, he should have known it had been all a game to her.

Gods! Why was he even thinking of her! He’d been rotting in this cell for gods knew how long. Why was he torturing himself with this nonsense?

Adric snorted, he knew why she was suddenly at the front of his thoughts. His last job had taken him back to Cil-Gariah and he was currently residing in the prison he had once thought he would be lucky to be in.

Oh, how naive he had been back then.


Rain bucketed down from the sky, his hair hung plastered to his skill, his arms wrapped about himself, shivering from the icy cold. He waited for her, everything was ready. She was supposed to meet him under the great willow tree hours ago.

She promised they would be together. Promised that she loved him. Promises he discovered she had no intention of keeping.

 In the end it had all been a lie.


Read part #3 of Adric’s story HERE first.


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