Creating Fictional Characters. Am I Alone In My Fixation?

Some would say I have an unnatural obsession with fictional characters. Quite a lot of these characters are ones of my own creation.

And why shouldn’t I? I spend a lot of time with them. I also put a lot of time into creating them, developing detailed character bio’s and family trees. With convoluted and sometimes tragic backstory’s  along their own set of unique daily struggles. They are not just words on a page to me. They are people that I have painstakingly conjured up in my overactive imagination.

A witty elf, a lost princess, a warrior priest, these are just a few of the characters I have milling around in my current WIP.

A 900 year old vampire bent on seeking out the love he keeps loosing. His half-elven mage lover and his soul mate. His ancient elven sire, bent on destroying them both. These three characters are from my Midnight Redemption serial. (No longer running this serial)

But what happens when bringing them to life on paper isn’t enough and I desperatly want to see them brought to life. Now I am no artist, I may be able to conjure up images in my mind of what they look like, but as I said, I am seriously lacking in any artistic talent.

That’s when I go looking for artists on Tumblr. And I was lucky enough to find a few.

I commissioned two lovely artists to bring my characters to life.

Commission - Rayven_final3

Rayven Firvale, By Ryuutsu

Commission - Violette2

Violette Ashthorn, By Ryuutsu











errin commiss finished

Violette Ashthorn & Rayven Firvale By Linneart

I was amazed at what they both came up with. Exactly how I imagined them! They are all just so, so perfect. Both artists were give the same bios. You can check them out HERE if you like.

I literally cannot stop looking at them!

So, my  question to you is this. Am I alone in obsessing over my fictional characters?


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2 thoughts on “Creating Fictional Characters. Am I Alone In My Fixation?

    • errinkrystal says:

      Ha ha, Felix is a pretty cool guy, I’d have a drink with him ☺
      I’m not entirely sure I’d feel overly safe having a drink with Rayven… He’s a bit of a wild card…the whole vampire thing would make me a bit edgy, ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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