My Top 5 Ways To Avoid Writing When I Really, Really Should Be…

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of the computer, not quite in the mood, so your hand drifts the the mouse, which then drifts to the minimise box, which then opens up the internet browser…then it’s all over…

Procrastination Point #1 – Creating my very own Elvish dictionary and phrases.

So I originally thought it might me cool to make up one or two elvish phrases to scatter though my novella ‘The Last Dragon Rider’, being that the characters are in fact, elves. You know, a few endearments (Na’ Vahla – My love, Na’Vahleth – My Heart). Hello’s and goodbyes (Andar’Sarel – Formal greeting, Sae’lihn – Goodbye) that sort of thing.

Well, that’s where it started anyway…

Soon I was making up short sentences and eventually I had written a whole tonne of elvish dialogue for a spell. And no, it’s not just gibberish, I actually made elvish words to match English words in order to construct full sentences.

eg. Drogo’halen, aler kaalah stra’lath, Ir sumia ena kaalah stra’na – dragonkin, our minds as one. I claim your mind as mine 

The above sentence is only one of several sentences I created. I easily spent a good 4-5 hours on the spell alone…and I have a good three page long dictionary…so far…

But, I have to admit, it looks cool in the novella. The editor I’m working with even asked me to make up a few other words!


Procrastination Point #2 – Personality Tests, Family Trees & Timelines

Ha ha, I actually got distracted by one of these as I was writing this post.

Firstly, I find personality tests a great way to get a detailed profile of my characters. I mean, I know who they are, but the personality tests really help me nail down the subtle nuances of their personalities. I think it’s time well spent, don’t you?

Rayven Firvale

Violette Ashthorn

Timelines, well all of my stories are set in the same fantasy world I have created (even the Adric series). I mean, I spent so much time coming up with the lore and history for this world, I’m going to use it. I have three novels and a short story series all set in the same world, but not necessarily happening at the same point in time. Hence the need for the timeline…

And family trees, well there just for funsies, I can’t show you a screenshot unfortunately…spoilers! But a good few hours on a Sunday afternoon have been wasted there.


See what I did while I was supposed to be blogging…


Procrastination Point #3 – Social Media

Ok, so this is the killer for me. I spend way too much time on FacebookTwitter, and Patreon. Add to that I have recently created Tumblr and Wattpad accounts. Oh, and of course this here blog. The fact that I have very little time in my day does not stop me from whiling away the hours doing nothing.

Oh, and I also made my own online writing group The Writer’s Lounge, but i’m not at all sorry about that. Those guys are awesome! *waves frantically*

Procrastination Point #4 – Read & Writing Fan Fiction 

So, the previous three points are, for an aspiring writer like myself, in fact useful tools, provided I do them at an appropriate time and not say, when I have an editing deadline…

But the writing of Fan Fiction?

I tell myself, it’s to keep myself writing when I need a break from my real work, but honestly, that’s a bald faced lie. I do it because I love it! I like being able to continue a story that had an unsatisfactory ending, or simply because the in game/book/tv show angst fest was not enough

*shakes an angry fist at Bioware*

Or worse yet, your ship is not Cannon! (Avatar:The Last Airbender, I’m looking at you!)

I can easily waste a tonne of real writing time doing this…It’s nice getting feedback on my writing too. Admittedly, as much as I love it, I do use it to test out new things. For example, I practiced writing love scenes through my Fan Fiction, so i guess it’s kind of a writing tool…

Procrastination Point #5 – Video Games and Netflix

You know what, i’m really not even going to attempt to justify this. Sometimes i’m just tired or just plain don’t want to write. Simple as that.

As long as it doesn’t become a month long binge i’m fine…right???

Links to do your own procrastination with…

Personality Tests


Family Trees



What are some of your Procrastination Points?





2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Ways To Avoid Writing When I Really, Really Should Be…

  1. Crystal M M Burton says:

    SOCIAL MEDIA. Totally my number one. I once popped over onto Twitter to post one single tweet…two hours later I was still there, still only had one tweet, and to this day have no idea what I actually did during that time.

    Number two: reading random articles/blogs/links on the internet. I’m here, aren’t I? Haha. I should be editing right now, but I’m completely fascinated by your elvish! I want very much to create a language for one of my series. I love it. You strung together some very visually appealing sounds; I honestly believe elvish might be the true language of love. 😛

    Number three is food. I can’t even pretend to be shocked when my scale tells me I’ve gained weight. I cook to fill my cravings and I eat double my emotions. Stress-eating, by the way, is bad for you (as if that needed saying). But I’m not even sorry, because the food is just SO DELICIOUS.

    I think my number four needs to be exercise, yeah? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. errinkrystal says:

    Thank you so much! I’m very happy with how the elvish turned out. I just love how it looks on the page, i think it looks so pretty 😉 The language or love? I’ll take it, lol Take that all those beautiful European languages, 😛

    Yes well, I think this here blog posts speaks for itself in regards to my social media problem…I too have been drawn into the web of twitter with nothing to show for the lost hours. 😦

    Food, oh man, yes! I’m a chef in real life and loooovvveee baking. A massive stress eater here! I totally eat my feelings. I really wish I was one of those people who LOST their appetite when they are sad or stressed.

    I wish one of my procrastination’s was exercise! At least that’s productive 🙂 🙂 🙂


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