There’s Too Much Heartache In My Video Games!: Fallout 4 (Part 4 of 4)

Still with me? Awesome!

So Fallout 4, my sole survivor and Paladin Danse…well… I did not see this coming…

My sole survivor, Talia, has been put through the ringer before the game even begins. The great war starts, nuclear bombs are dropped, she and her husband Nate and their baby Shaun are put into cryo pods in Vault 111, supposedly to be awoken after the radiation from the nukes had been reduced to a safe level. Except, she is partially woken to see her baby kidnapped and her husband murdered before she is frozen again.

Fallout 4_20160406170534

Talia, Sole Survivor

So by the time Talia meets Danse, she has been through a lot. She wanders into Cambridge Police Station and helps take out a pack of feral ghouls. Danse is clearly impressed and practically recruits her to The Brotherhood of Steel on the spot.

Fallout 4_20151113211305

He mentors her, teaches her and eventually become friends. Now this guy is even harder to impress than Fenris, I gotta say, but slowly he warmed up.

More missions, a trip to the heart of the institute, finding out that poor Talia’s baby boy Shaun is all grown up and the mastermind behind the Institute. Hasn’t this woman been through enough?

Apparently not…will I never learn!

So Talia goes along with the Brotherhoods mandate, synths are bad, technology gone too far and all that. Strict dogmas that Danse lives by…

Imagine my utter heartbreak and devastation when it’s revealed that Danse is a frakking synth! And the poor bastard didn’t even know!

Fallout 4_20160406170935

I did not see that coming at all! I was absolutely blindsided, speechless.

I mean really Bethesda? This isn’t Bioware you know!

Uggg…and then, as if that’s not bad enough, poor Talia is then ordered by her superiors to execute the man she loves. (Not happening Maxum!)

Even if Maxum can be convinced to spare Danse, he has to pretend to be dead and becomes an enemy of the brotherhood.

Not upsetting in the least…*sob*

Now I’m left with the impossible choice. Do I continue to follow the Brotherhood? Or do I jump ship and side with the synth rescuing Railroad?

But that leads me into my next post, “There’s too much moral ambiguity in my video games.”



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