There’s Too Much Heartache In My Video Games!: Dragon Age Inquisition (Part 2 of 4)

So here is the second post, yes I’m still banging on about Dragon Age, but this next romance just kills me!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ok, now for the big, gut wrenching, soul crushing love story that left my heart in tattered pieces all over my lounge room floor…I’m still picking pieces out of the carpet…

Oh my poor, poor baby Lavellan. She had to go and fall for that mysterious egg Solas. He told her it was a bad idea, he warned her, he really did, but did she listen, nope. She fell head over heels in love with the quiet, unassuming elven mage.

He warned her, (though admittedly I really don’t think he tried too hard to deter her charms until it was too late), but he was just so interesting, always willing to talk about the fade, letting her hang around, and that voice…I love that voice…

So, when Solas takes Lavellen into the fade for a chat, he can’t resist anymore and just plants one on her. Boy does that fade nerd know how to kiss! And watch those roaming hands buddy. Then, he needs time to think, (always with the thinking), never mind he was the one that started with tongue. (Fade tongue doesn’t count apparently.)

So there’s poor Lavellan, just had the best kiss of her life and now has to wait for Mr Elfy Elf to make his decision, so life carries on, rifts to close, villain’s to vanquish etc. Solas finally comes around after Lavellan helps to rescue his spirit friend.

He comes to her room where after a brief chat he plants yet another earth shattering kiss on her. Then declares his love! I mean, wow man!

After this it is all roses and rainbows. Long chats in the rotunda, Solas sharing his fade stories, a trip to the winter palace, where the humble apostate is strangely comfortable in the splendor and grandeurof Orlais. (He saw it in the fade of course, what were you thinking? Nothing suspicious here, move along.) He even has a romantic dance with her on the balcony.

Ar lath ma Solas.

And then shit gets real and complicated when our heroes venture into the Arbor wilds. She does the annoying elven puzzles, finds the Mythal’s Temple and her sentinels, beats the crap out of Samson with her magey powers, finds the Eluvian and meets Abelas…who calls Solas Elvhen…I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t pick up on this first play through…(Elvhen being the ye olde immortal elves.)

When  they return from the wilds Solas is super pissy! May have a little something to do with his lover binding herself to an ancient elven god…hmmm…he’s probably right to be a little testy…

They fight, they make up, they confirm they have have slept together even though Solas is the only romance to not get a sex scene. Though I am perfectly ok with this. I think the awkward sex scene would have taken something away from the perfection that is a solasmance.

Lavellan: “Your just being grim and fatalistic in the hopes of getting me into bed, aren’t you?”

Solas: “I am grim and fatalistic, getting you into bed is just an enjoyable side benefit.”

I’ll take it. (Whats it say about me that I didn’t even need to google this line…)

He then takes her for a lovely weekend away in Crestwood. The stars are shining, the mood is set, Solas tells her how special she is and the whole time I’m sitting there thinking how romantic it all is. Then he chokes and instead of telling her what he took her there to say he tells her her valaslin are slave markings.(Solas’s writer confirmed he was going to tell her something much bigger)

I mean talk about mood killer, geez Solas.

Lavellan agrees to have the tattoos removed and they kiss. Right before he dumps her! Without explanation! WTF Solas! You love her you stupid egg! She begs him to stay and he backs away, clearly in pain himself, he even put his hands up to ward her off as she begs him to stay. But it does no good, she cannot convince him to stay. *sob* *sniff* *sob*

He refuses to talk about it back at Skyhold, claiming they will talk when Corypheus is defeated. In the aftermath, among the ashes of the sacred temple, broken orb in hand Solas makes sure she knows what they has “was real”, then he leaves without a word as soon as the battle is done! Without the promised answers!

Then Lavellan is forced to endure the after party, when she finally escapes the festivities, the scene closes of her alone. *sob*

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20160202163458Valindra Lavellan would hands down be my favorite character.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20160202163527

Oh, but it’s not over yet, while I’m sitting there, nursing a broken heart and my Inquisitor is left alone, the credits roll to reveal a cut scene. And who do I see, yep, Solas, who is then revealed to be the frakking (yes that is a Battlestar reference) Dread Wolf! Betrayer of the Dalish! The love of Lavellans life…too many feels over that one and the tears…omg…

I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt after playing Trespasser when she finds out the truth about him…So…Many…Tears…

So naturally I watched the final scene over, and over and over again, you know, just to rub salt into the wound. Why must you do this alone Solas? Why cant she go with you when you destroy the world? Just why?

Uggg…Their love story was something straight out of a Shakespearean tragedy. Even Cullen cannot cheer me up after that disaster. (Sorry Cully Wully)

Yeah, I’m not even remotely obsessed with these ships…no, not at all…I’ve never written fan fiction about Lavellan and Solas…that never happened…



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