New Writing Prompt Project, The Daring Adventures Of Adric Drysten

A few months ago I was writing a scene in my novel. In the scene, two escaped mages cross paths with a group of slavers, bent on taking the young mage to sell to the highest bidder. Obviously this nefarious group needed to have a leader.

The slavers themselves were an unsavory looking bunch. Imagine those grimy, skeevy pirates you see in the movies. No, not the dashing Dread Pirate Roberts, (The Princess Bride anyone?) though that is precisely who sprung to mind when I conjured up the charismatic Adric Drysten.

He just strolled into my scene all charm and perfect teeth and I instantly felt there was more to him. Why was this charming, handsome and clearly well groomed young man hanging about with a bunch of low life slavers? He clearly didn’t belong there, I mean, this is his introduction.

Young, handsome, with dirty-blonde hair and a charismatic smile that no doubt charmed most people. 

His companions on the other hand, looked anything but civilized, eyeing the two mages greedily.

“Adric Drysten, at your service.” The man gave a low, sweeping bow, the smile never slipping from his countenance.

I mean, really Adric? How could I not want to see more of you?

At the time I was also toying around with a few ideas for my blog. I was looking at writing prompts, because sometimes I do just need to take a bit of a break from my big projects. A little bit of fun but still keeps my head in the game.

Then the idea struck me. What if I used these prompts to create a series of short stories chronicling Adrics adventures.

And didn’t the flood gates open, well…here’s what you need to know about Adric.

Adric Drysten, is an elite assassin from the Isle of Xargos, bought on the slavers block at age six by the Xargonian masters, though some felt he was already too old to train. 

He was purchased by a noble family at age seventeen as ‘protector’ of the daughters of the house. He remains with the family for two years, embarking on an illicit affair with the youngest daughter, Korina. After their love is discovered, he is forced to leave under penalty of death if he ever to return, the nobleman only staying his hand in deference to his daughter.

Adric earns a living the only way he knows how, hiring out his unique skill set to the highest bidder, something that eventually lands him in a jail cell where he first encounters Kinnion, an elf with closely held secrets of his own.

If you think you may want to follow Adric on his adventures, then keep your eyes peeled for the first installment.







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