My New Project, The Writers Lounge.

Since beginning writing, I have always found a distinct lack of like minded people to discuss my work with. Now, I don’t know about you, but I benefit greatly from bouncing ideas around with others, it helps get the creative juices flowing.

But this is hard to do when you don’t have a lot of people around that share your interest. I do attend a local writing meeting once a month, but what about all those other times?

Case and point. I was chatting with a new co-worker the other night, who is also an aspiring author, and he was asking me about plot lines. He had a great idea for a story, but was struggling with giving it direction. The both of us lamenting the fact that it is difficult when you don’t have anyone to discuss these issues with. So we got to chatting about his writing and sure enough after talking about it for a little while at work, inspiration struck him in the middle of dinner service.

Simply by talking about writing with another person got the ideas flowing. And the new ideas he came up with were nothing short of awesome.

I have met a bunch of great people since joining the twitter-sphere, and have received some great advice, but it is difficult to hold a long discussion on such a fast paced platform, especially with the 140 character limit.

I am a member of a few writing groups on Facebook, but either they are super quiet and nobody ever posts, or their members are simply spamming their book promos. I’m all for promoting one’s work, but if it’s meant to be a discussion group, shouldn’t there be, I dunno, at least some discussing?

So, I decided to create my own discussion group on Facebook and invited a few of my new friends from twitter and my other writing groups.

I honestly did not expect such an overwhelming response! There were re-tweets and new members adding their friends almost instantly, and within the first hours I already had over 30 new member sign up! And what was even better, after some great introductions, most everyone dove straight into chatting. It was all very exciting!

And now, a little over a week later, we have just over 50 members over at The Writers Lounge and we are having a great time!

You should stop by!



Are you an aspiring writer? Just beginning to form ideas? Or already published? A blogger?  Interested in connecting with some great people?

Come join us @ The Writers Lounge HERE


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