Star Trek: Boldly Going Where Many Have Gone Before

First things first. For a while now, pretty much since I started this blog actually, I have been in a state of confusion as to what I should be doing with it. Writing about my own writing was boring even me.

So I thought “What other things do I like?” TV, movies, video games, reading and generally hanging out online. So why not write about things I like?

So I did. Last night I watched my very first Start Trek episode, beginning with the Original series. So here goes.

For the longest time I have been curious about Star Trek. I had grown up watching Star Wars, Farscape, Stargate (Original series and film), SeaQuest DSV and many other science fictions and fantasy shows, including the short lived Earth 2. And in recent years I have come to absolutely adore Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and many more.

So why had I yet to watch a single episode of one of the most popular sci-fi franchise? No real reason that I could see. I had recently seen the rebooted film franchise courtesy of J.J Abrams, which, if I’m completely honest, kinda restored my faith in Mr Abram’s. Plus I loved the films.

So, I set up my Netflix and settled down to watch the original series.

 I was underwhelmed and disappointed.

I wasn’t impressed with Captain Pike and honestly, I was downright bored. Where was Captain Kirk? I found myself checking Twitter and Facebook, waiting for it to end.

But, I’m not one to let this deter me. So many of my favorite shows had uninspiring pilot episodes, (Doctor Who:Rose) or even entire seasons, (Buffy Season 1, Supernatural Seasons 6 & 7). So I felt Star Trek ought to have a second chance. I mean, millions of people all over the world watch and love this show right?

So, I hit play on the second episode.

And I was richly rewarded.

There was the young, dashing (and rather handsome) William Shatner as Captain Kirk, poles apart from the first character I ever saw him play, that being The Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy was there and George Takai’s, Sulu as well. Although all I heard when I saw him was “Oh, My” As he said it in The Big Bang Theory that time. And I just got pure joy out if Uhura’s attempts to flirt with Mr Spock. No sign of Scotty or Chekov yet though.

These were the characters I had heard so much about, that millions of people had fallen in love with. And most importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode! The effects were quite good for the day, and I got a certain kind of childish thrill watching Kirk and Spock traipse through studio sets.

While I am only on the second episode, I do feel I may be in a lot of trouble with this show. There’s a good chance I’m going to fall in love with the series. I just hope it’s not going to break my heart like so many of my other favorites.

That’s not too much to ask right?



4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Boldly Going Where Many Have Gone Before

  1. Kevin Cyr says:

    Funny how a pilot can be boring. Pilots are usually meant to sell the show. Have you continues watching? How’s the first season. I’ve considered watching after I’m done Hannibal.


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