2016: New Year, New Plan & Writing On Patreon

2016 is just around the corner. Another new year filled with new resolutions that will no doubt be forgotten and left by the way side before January has even ended.

But this year I am making new promises to myself, geared more toward my writing, on top of the usual ‘get healthy’ mantra of past years.

I have drawn up a detailed schedule for my writing goals, setting myself daily word limits (500-1000 words) and allocating certain days for specific projects.

2016 Writing Schedule:

Minimum  500 words per day.

Monday – Blogging, Editing

Tuesday – Midnight Redemption

Wednesday – Midnight Redemption/Urban Fantasy

Thursday – Midnight Redemption

Friday – Nildor Novel

Saturday – Nildor Novel

Sunday – Nildor Novel

I am also planning on getting a website up and running very soon, but what I am really excited about getting started on is launching my Patreon account.

My plan for Patreon is to launch an interactive serialised story in which subscribers can have the opportunity to have their say about what happens at specific points in the story.

I will be listening to your storyline suggestions about the main plot and plot twists. Even down to helping me decide the fate of my protagonist. Which choices will they make? Who will be the main love interest? Who will live and who will die?

I will be updating the story each month.

I am currently deciding between beginning a brand new story set in the fantasy world I have created for my current works with magic, elves, warriors etc.


Picking up and reworking a vampire story I set aside a few years back which is set in 19th century France.

I would love to know if this is something people might be interested in.



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