And The Verdict From the Publisher Is…Extremely Interesting

As I have mentioned previously, I submitted my novella to a publisher. They then asked me for my first three chapters…

On Saturday afternoon my notification sounded on my phone. (it’s the TARDIS! And no it wasn’t the doctor calling)

Realizing it was an email I opened it up…and proceeded to jump up and down in my kitchen. and I’m not ashamed to admit I got a little emotional.

I was a tad excited.


The editor liked it! Found my characters and plot ‘extremely interesting’ in fact.

Naturally revisions will need to be made, but a lot less than I had originally anticipated. In the first three chapters anyway. 🙂



And Yes, I’m still having nightmare visions of the giant red pen.


Obviously I am more than willing to make the revisions she has pointed out, I am not going to go against the advice of industry professionals. They do know more than I about this kind of thing.

I replied letting her know I would be more than happy  to make the changes.



So, once the craziness that is Christmas over, I’m straight on into those revisions.

February is going to take forever to get here isn’t it?



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