Typing, Travel And Doctor Who

As I have mentioned previously, I recently attended the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney with some of my fellow Whovians.

Now, this trip was planned many months ago when all three of us were better equipped financially. Needless to say, our situations had changed drastically in the six months since we had booked our tickets. One friend had decided to return to study, the other had just moved house and for me, my husband was currently between jobs after being made redundant, (he is back to work now though, phew).

So, due to changed circumstances, we brilliantly decided to take the train all the way to Sydney. Eight and a half hours by train, oh what joy, (yes that was sarcasm).

So, I figured I would get some writing done on the train, which I managed a surprising amount while chatting to my friend. And if I’m honest, I was quite pleased with the quality I produced.

It wasn’t complete rubbish.

Somehow I wrote two pages and completed an entire scene and began the next…before my battery died…crap…

Apparently with all the modern technology I still cannot keep my laptop charged on public transport, at least not on that train anyway.

I managed to kill three hours of a ‘supposed’ eight hour train ride. I say supposed because in the end it took almost TEN and a half hours to reach Sydney.

There were so many delays it just became laughable. We had issues with the train signals less than an hour into the trip. Then the train (it’s an express) had to travel as a slower speed because it was a 40 degree day and the train tracks we at risk of buckling.

I honestly didn’t know that was a thing!

So because of these two things, it put us behind schedule, which meant we got stuck behind other train services. But eventually we came rolling into Sydney…two hours late…

Naturally by this time, my friend and I were quite frazzled and exhausted and just wanted to get to our accommodations. Simple?


We had opted to stay in a backpackers hostel because:

#1 last minute accommodation in the city was a tad on the pricey side.

#2 we weren’t really going to be spending much time there.

Any who, after finally arriving at around 11pm and feeling very tired and bedraggled I produced our itinerary and booking number, at which point the girl at the desk asked for our passports….

Now I have never stayed in a backpackers before, so I don’t know if it is policy everywhere, or just there. But the simple fact of the matter was, that NOWHERE in ANY of the documents or at any point when I was booking the room did is state that I would need to produce a passport.

She kept insisting that it was in the booking email…the one I had in my hand…the one she was looking at…

Eventually after the desk clerk argued her point and I waved numerous other forms of identification in her face, I stormed off to call my husband to check over the other emails, (still didn’t ask for a passport) and search for my expired passport.

At which point she finally relented and let us check in.

It didn’t help when the next morning our other friend arrived and the guy at the desk did not even mention her passport…

I am happy to report, however, that the rest of the trip was absolutely fantastic, there is even talk of making the girls weekend a annual things.

We attended the Doctor Who Festival, getting to sit in on panels with Peter Capaldi, Sylvester McCoy, Ingrid Oliver, and the amazing writers show runner Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

I wont detail every single detail of the day as i would talk about it FOREVER. But there were a couple of highlights I will tell you about, if your still reading after my long winded rant about our trip…

Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor, took it upon himself to take his own questions and walk among the fans, leaving the host standing awkwardly on the stage.

McCoy later crashed the panel with Capaldi, Moffat and Oliver when he was supposed to be signing autographs.

He was so cool!

One man proposed to his girlfriend enlisting the help of the Doctor Who cast, the 12th Doctor himself seeing a long and happy future for the couple.

One woman, who I seriously believe was deliberately trying to antagonize the brilliant Steven Moffat by question the Sonic Sunglasses (fellow whovians know what I’m talking about). I thought he was going to launch himself off the stage, he was looking rather angry. The whole auditorium were cringing awkwardly I swear.

And the amazing Mark Gatiss offered this writing advice “when you don’t want to write, keep writing.”

And naturally, lots of money was spent…but overall fantastic day!

Some more writing was achieved the following day via my OneNote app on my phone on the way to Bondi beach. We spent the afternoon walking the beach (a bit cold to swim) and sipping on nice cold beers at a Bavarian beer house.

Wonderfully relaxing afternoon.

The writing on the train ride home was less effective. The gentleman who was sitting next to me kept getting up and down, up and down, and each time I had to shut my computer and move for him to get past.

In the end I gave up and had a nap.

After I was finally home I copied all my writing I had to my desktop. Over the course of the weekend I had managed to write close to 1500 words!

Some decent writing done, Doctor Who and great friends. I’d call that a good weekend.




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