Taking The Plunge & Submitting…My Manuscript

I did it. I submitted my manuscript to a real life publisher.

Yesterday I made the decision to sacrifice a day of NaNoWriMo writing to finish up my edits on my novella during my lunch break. I did agonize over this for a little while, but ultimately decided I wanted to finish my editing. I can try and catch up with writing on the weekend.

I can now honestly say this was a very wise decision.

I sat in front of my computer for about 20 minutes after I had finished editing,  procrastinating, and drawing out the inevitable.

I had the query letter. I had the synopsis. And now my manuscript had its final round of edits completed. It was time to send my baby out into the world.

I was nervous, among other things, so I went to my husband for some comforting words. He sent me this beautiful Motivational Video composed by the wonderful Shia LeBeouf and I must admit, the man makes a compelling argument.

So, off it went to the publisher. I literally felt nauseous after I hit send.

And the rest of my afternoon progressed as normal. I went back to work, where I got absolutely slammed during the dinner service, (I’m pretty sure the kitchen was at about 1,000% humidity), came home smelling of fryer oil and grill cleaner, showered, ate and promptly passed out in my bed.

I woke up this morning with an e-mail in my inbox to tell me that my query had been received. Happy in knowing I at least sent it to the right address, I headed off to work, not really giving it much more thought. It would be at least a month or so before I heard anything back right? Maybe longer?


A couple hours later I received another e-mail. This time requesting that I send the first three chapters of my manuscript to the editor.


Yes, there was a little dance when I opened this e-mail.

Now I was excited!

I raced home from work, composed an e-mail, and sent off my chapters.

Now another anxious wait to see if they like my writing.

I know there is still a good chance that the editor will not like my work and reject my submission. But clearly something in my query had intrigued them enough to want a sample of my writing.

On this, (and though it is not my usual style) I am attempting to be the glass half full kind of girl.

Just this once.

Wish me luck!



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