Week One NaNoWriMo: I Would Call It A Success

So, week one of NaNoWriMo has been a roaring success in my own humble opinion, so far having racked up roughly 10, 500 words.

That’s two fully completed chapters! And a bit!

Now, I’m not sure if I have mentioned this previously. But this being my first time participating. Having only just discovered what NaNoWriMo was a few days before it started, I decided to use the month to try and complete the novel I am currently working on.

So, how has week one worked out for me?.

I started this novel back in 2013 when I was childless and still working 70+hours as a Sous chef as a very busy winery. In that time I have managed to write 7 full chapters, of 22. The entire book is mapped out. (I have a very detailed outline, character bios and what not)

In the past I have basically written a scene, and then tweaked and edited until I got it perfect. Not a very efficient way to work I know. Add that to having only a scant few hours a week that I was actually coherent enough to speak and not practically passing out from exhaustion. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

Plus I got distracted and wrote a 26,500 word novella, oops.

So yes, it has been a good week, but that’s not to say it has been easy. Nope.

Since starting NaNoWriMo last weekend I have had real life to contend with.

Very rude of it if you ask me.

I have helped my sister move, actually had to go to my real job (I don’t work 70 hours anymore thank goodness), had my son and husband to take care of, going visiting, going to my writing meeting as well as helping my friend to get her Christmas orders ready for her home business.

So yeah, I’ve been busy.

Yet somehow I have still managed to make more progress on this particular project in one week than I have in 3 years. Writing madly on my lunch breaks, during my sons naps, on my OneNote app on my phone, sometimes on my laptop during breakfast. Mostly it has been me staring bleary eyed at my computer screen after work or after my son has gone to bed.

I think I will need to take a week off writing after all this.

But, yes, I would call that a successful first week.



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