And The Word From The Editor Is…

She loved my story!!!

So I received my manuscript back from The Editor last weekend.

I was away in Melbourne for the weekend helping my sister move house, because I of course am an amazing big sister. I woke up the morning we were supposed to head home to about a million e-mails in my inbox.

Not surprising because along with the regular spammy stuff I have apparently signed up to, (damn retail shops giving me V.I.P cards) I had yet to change my twitter settings so as not to receive an e-mail every single time I got a notification.

I have since taken care of this e-mail situation.

And there it was. An email. With my fully edited novella attached.

I have to say, I was a little scared to open said e-mail. I honestly think I just stared at it for a full five minutes before I opened it up, naturally expecting the worst. I tend to be glass half empty girl a lot of the time.

So it was to my utter delight and disbelief to see the words “You’re a very clean writer so there isn’t much to do” written in the first couple of lines.

I was totally expecting something more along the lines of, “ha ha, you’ll never be a writer, you suck” And especially not followed by “Love the story!”

I was absolutely thrilled by this, (there may or may not have been a happy dance) considering I barely let anyone besides my mum, sister, and the lovely ladies at my monthly writing groups read any of it.

Naturally after the immediate excitement passed, that sick, nervous feeling returned with vengeance, exacerbated by the fact that I could not actually view the edits straight away. With my sister moving into a new house comes…dun, dun, dun…NO INTERNET! So I could not view the changes online via my phone.

So alas, I had to wait an entire day to get back home (a three hour drive by the way) to see the damage. Images of that giant red pen came back to taunt me, scribbling all over my imaginary manuscript. I cannot tell you what this did to my nerves. Frayed to say the least.

So the first thing I did when I got home was rush to my computer. Well, after I brought my son inside and put him down for a nap, helped my husband unload the car, got my uniform ready for work that night…OK, so it was the fourth thing I did.

Finally I turned my computer on…

Loading up…

Opened the e-mail…

The Editor was right, there really wasn’t much.

I was still expecting an editors “not much to do” to still mean 3/4 of my manuscript to be crossed out in red, (or in this case purple) and needing to rewrite the entire thing. But turns out an editors “not much” is the same as a normal persons “not much.”

Absolutely stoked!

I have yet to have the time to actually start the edits as I am currently undertaking NaNoWriMo, (expect a post about my first week in the next few days). But I am super excited to get them done.

Did I mention I was excited? And she loved my story? Yes, I am bragging. I have exclusive bragging rights on this here blog.

If I cannot brag here, then I cannot brag there, then I cannot brag anywhere.

(OK, Dr Seuss totally just popped into my head.)



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