NaNoWriMo Day!

It’s NaNoWriMo day! (National Novel Writing Month)

One month ago, I had no idea what NaNoWriMo was. I was browsing through one of my geeky Facebook groups when someone asked if any writing geeks were participating. What’s that? I asked, having absolutely no clue what they were talking about. They then explained to me what it was.

It is a whole month dedicated to writing a novel. So I immediately sighed up.

The aim: Write 50,000 words in a month.

Now having been distracted from my original novel for the best part of the year. My novella having originally only meant to have been a short story/character study. Which got wildly out of control. (26,000 odd words out of control)

Any who, I decided I would use this as a chance to restart my other novel, and potentially finish it, if not come very, very close.

So, over the last month I have been madly rehashing my outline, adding in extra scenes to accommodate the new knowledge revealed in my novella. Some characters apparently are now demanding more screen time.

I have banned myself from television, saving up my regular shows until December, which my friends and family are not confident I can do. The new Fallout game is out this month, from which I will not be playing, gah, this is going to be hard. I may allow my self the luxury, (if I am going well) to see the new James Bond and Hunger Games films.

Oh, and I have one planned girls weekend in Sydney to go to the Doctor Who festival, but other than that I will be shackled to my computer any minute I am not, working or chasing after husbands and children.

So now the day has come and I am excited to begin.

Wish me luck.



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