Typing with Toddlers

I conducted an experiment.

Hypothesis: To determine whether or not I can write productively while my toddler is awake.

While sitting at the kitchen table eating my mostly cold toast, my son, sat quietly on the couch , (with half of my cold toast) watching cartoons and driving his matchbox car over the sleeping cat.

Our cat is super tolerant.

I started to wonder if I could be making more of my mornings, since my son, like the rest of us, is much more subdued at 7am. So, instead of using the quiet morning period to do my laundry, or do my dishes, or clean the bathrooms, or clean anything really, I dug out my little netbook.

Put it on the table…so far so good.

Turned it on…Bananas in Pajamas is on, still good.

Open a new word document…He looks over briefly, then resumes playing with the cat, who is now being used as a pillow.

So hesitantly I begin typing…Chapter 8…all good.

My fingers move over the keys and words fill the page. All the while my son just plays and watched his cartoons, completely uninterested in what I am doing. Before I know it, I have 322 words on my page and a little more of my villain’s backstory has been revealed.

I can honestly say I am in shock. I never expected to be able to write anything whilst in Mummy Mode.

Turns out I was wrong. And all I could think of was all those wasted mornings I spent doing dishes and laundry. Such a waste.

So I continued on through the day. He would wander over occasionally and we would have a cuddle, quickly saving my work before he lunged for the keyboard. I would take  short breaks and we would read some books together or he would knock down the block tower I had so carefully constructed.

It was like some kind of Godzilla reenactment. Seriously!

At the end of the day, I had written 1,016 words. I was on a roll, only hindered by the small annoyance of having to go to my real job. Needless to say, I was rather pleased with myself. Somehow I managed to have a productive day writing as well as be mummy.

Conclusion: My phone is more a hindrance to the creative process than an almost two year old. Must stop checking Facebook and Twitter all the time.

Also, I need to find my mouse. Netbooks are small, and brushing my palm over the touch pad, only to look up after several minutes to find that I have typed half a paragraph in the middle of another paragraph does get frustrating after the 50th time.



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