Edit, Editing…Editor?

Ok, so after finishing my manuscript the next step is to edit…and edit…and edit, and then…oh, yeah,edit some more! I have re-read this story so many times I could probably narrate it word for word if anyone asked.


My lovely mum, who herself is a published author and has been writing for 17+ years, put me in touch with an editor friend of hers. I was so excited.

So naturally the first thing I did was procrastinate for about a week and a half before I mustered up the courage to send it to The Editor. Eventually I sent my baby off to be scrutinized and picked apart by an industry professional.

I have been in a constant state of nervous excitement/sickening dread ever since.

Will they like it? Is it any good? Am I any good? Are my characters interesting and three dimensional or are they dull and lifeless two dimensional cardboard cutouts?

So now I play the waiting game…



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